Tony Grootens for Adams County Sheriff - Proven Leadership and Experience
Tony Grootens for Adams County Sheriff


Tony Grootens is a senior law enforcement professional with over 40 years of experience and leadership, including work with the United States Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Tony has extensive experience in law enforcement, intelligence, and homeland security as well as expertise in building law enforcement coalitions, personnel and budget management, the ability to interact with all levels of personnel, the keen ability to assess risk and to develop and implement strategic plans in the areas of emergency planning and crisis response, and physical and personal security in tactical field operations.

Tony has a proven track record with the (DEA), having held leadership roles in Springfield, Illinois, Springfield, Missouri, El Paso, Texas, & Anchorage, Alaska. Tony was responsible for Federal Drug Enforcement efforts in Central Illinois, with cases targeting major criminal enterprises. He developed strategic plans to dismantle large, organized narcotic distribution networks throughout Central Illinois. Tony also worked at the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) as Watch Commander, in charge of watch operations of the largest drug enforcement intelligence deconfliction center in the world. He coordinated large drug investigations, both domestically and internationally. Tony ensured dissemination of vital intelligence to a variety of state, local, and federal agencies. Prior to being a part of the DEA, Tony worked for 11 years with the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, obtaining the rank of Sergeant. Tony is a graduate of QHS, Western Illinois University, Police Training Institute of the University of Illinois, and Drug Enforcement Administration Training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA.

From 2008 to 2017, Tony served as Chief of Police in Jacksonville, IL. Currently, he is working with an Indiana police supply company providing weapons and equipment to law enforcement agencies across Illinois.

Tony Grootens for Adams County Sheriff
Tony Grootens for Adams County Sheriff


DEA 1987-2008 
April 2006 - June 2008 

Resident Agent in Charge, DEA, Springfield, Illinois, Resident Office. Responsible for managing all federal drug enforcement efforts in the central Illinois area. Oversight and manage the local impact and OCDETF (Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force) cases targeting major criminal enterprises. Developed strategic plans to dismantle large organized narcotic distribution networks throughout central Illinois. Provided assistance to state and local agencies in drug, gangs, and firearms trafficking investigations. Managed millions of dollars in human capital and other resources. Responsible for liaison between DEA, other law enforcement agencies, and federal and local prosecutors to advance investigations and prosecutions of drug-related investigations. 

June 2004 - April 2006

El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), Watch Commander, El Paso, Texas. In Charge of Watch Operations of the largest drug enforcement intelligence/de-confliction center in the world. Ensured disseminating vital intelligence to various state, local, and federal agencies by intelligence analysts, investigative assistants, and federal agents. 

Coordinated large drug investigations domestically and internationally with other agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard, on shipments of cocaine to the U.S., provided real-time intelligence for drug interdictions teams, and anti-terrorism intelligence information to law enforcement agencies throughout the world. Primary Firearms Instructor, responsible for firearms qualifications and training of all federal agents assigned to EPIC.

December 2000 - June 2004 

Resident Agent in Charge, DEA Anchorage, Alaska, responsible for managing all federal law enforcement efforts in Alaska. The senior manager in charge of a large Resident Office with an Airport Interdiction Group in Anchorage and a Post of Duty (POD) in Fairbanks, Alaska. Spearheaded the largest wiretap investigation in Alaska's history into a major Dominican drug trafficking enterprise. Secured millions of dollars in funding and coordinated agency resources and personnel resources from every federal, state, and local agency in the area to a successful dismantlement of this violent drug trafficking organization. Handled personnel, budgetary issues, integrity violations of all DEA resources in Alaska while maintaining an outstanding working relationship with all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in the area. Responsible for justifying funding, obtaining a design, and overseeing the construction of a new multi-million dollar DEA Headquarters building in Anchorage, Alaska.

April 1997 - December 2000 

Special Agent, DEA Springfield, Illinois Resident Office. Participated in numerous drug investigations, including controlled deliveries through Operation Pipeline coordinated with the Illinois State Police. Participated in numerous methamphetamine laboratory investigations. Served as a primary Instructor to hundreds of State and Local officers throughout the Midwest, training State and Local agencies on the hazards associated with methamphetamine labs. Conducted· raids cf clandestine laboratory sites. Responsible for training new agents, state and local task force agents assigned to the office concerning procedures, paperwork, 
clandestine laboratory safety, and evidence collection. Firearms Instructor, responsible for firearms training and qualification. Backup to the Resident Agent in Charge until promoted and transferred to the Anchorage Resident Office. 

November 1987 - April 1997 

Special Agent, DEA Springfield, Missouri Resident Office. Participated in numerous undercover operations and complex criminal investigations, working in conjunction with the Missouri Highway Patrol and local agencies within the area of responsibility. Participated in numerous methamphetamine laboratory investigations; served as affiant on numerous search warrants, and made numerous arrests. Trained State and Local agencies on the hazards associated with methamphetamine labs. In charge of the Field Trained Agent (FTA) program.

1976 -1987 

Before being hired by DEA member of the Adams County Sheriffs Department in Quincy, Illinois, for 11 years. Obtained the rank of Sergeant responsible for supervising patrol officers and major investigations occurring during the shift. During this time frame worked as a member of the Illinois State Police Drug Task Force, working numerous undercover and arrest operations. 


United States Air Force, Security Police. February 1973 to September 1976 assignments include Key West Florida and Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Education/Training/Security Clearance 

  • Bachelors of Arts Western Illinois University 5/1986 
  • Police training institute University of Illinois 3/79Drug Enforcement Administration Training Academy Quantico, VA 10/87 
  • Advanced training in crime scene investigations, firearms, clandestine laboratory safety and HAZMAT protocols, hostage negotiations, conspiracy investigations, financial investigations, crisis management, tactical and strategic planning, homeland security, electronic voice and data interception, and communication exploitation. 
  • Top Secret Security Clearance through the United States Department of Justice 

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